ZX74E-77E DC Resistance Box

ZX74E-ZX77E is a precision variable DC resistance box used in the calibration of DC electric bridge, digital bridge, megohm meter  and thermal resistance thermometer.



ZX74E, 75E,76E, 77E DC resistance box or also known as decade resistance box is a variable resistance measuring tool, which adopts fully sealed switch, no need to wash. It features low contact pressure, long service life and small variation. Besides, the resistance elements are wound by superior alloy wire via strict technology craft and aging treatment, thus ensures high accuracy, good stability, low temperature coefficient and easy operation.

  • ZX74E DC resistor is an ideal standard measuring tool for calibration of various kinds of thermal resistance thermometer with min. step 0.001Ω.
  • Used as precision adjusting resistance in DC circuit.
  • Can be used to calibrate DC resistance bridge, digital electric bridge, resistors, megohm meter etc.
  • Used for measurement and experiment in the factories, schools and research institutes.

Main Technical Specification

  1. Adjusting range
    ModelAdjusting range (Ω)Min Step
  2. Accuracy of dial plate
    Dial plate (Ω)X100KΩX10KΩX1kΩX100ΩX10ΩX1ΩX0.1ΩX0.01ΩX0.001Ω
    Accuracy (%)ZX74E--
  3. Power: reference power 0.05W, nominal power 0.1W
  4. Dimension: 440x130x120 (mm)
  5. Weight: 4.5kgs (approx.)