TF9300 Three Phase KWH Meter Test Bench

TF9300 three phase kwh meter test bench can be used to test all kinds of meter with accuracy under 0.5% for both single/three phase active and reactive energy meter, it’s also suitable for four quadrant test.



Model TF9300 three phase kwh meter test bench is under the newest technology of digital power source using PWM technology. It is designed under digital control for frequency amplitude and phase adjustment, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) etc. to overcome traditional low efficiency, heat and reliability problem. It can improve the working reliability and better load.

The bench can be used to test all kinds of meter with accuracy under 0.5% for both single/three phase active and reactive energy meter, it’s also suitable for four quadrant test. It’s new updated ideal for multi-energy equipment.  The bench is fission or integration type with racks according to the number of positions. On front side of control console are 2 displays of control unit and standard meter.

Now, the new updated bench allows to test automatically energy register and maximum demand of some kinds of electronic meters such as Elster A1700, Landis&Gyr., Genius EDMI, Actaris…

The test bench uses power supply 220V – 50Hz single phase. It’s convenient for installations and without influences by unbalance of 3-phase power’s line.

The three phase kwh meter test bench accords with the standard IEC 60736:1982 – Testing equipment for electrical energy meter.

The proposed TF 9300 three phase kwh meter test bench comprises:

  • Three Phase Digital Power Source: The signal source adopts the latest digital control technology which can adjust easily the output signal of frequency, amplitude value as well as phase by software. This PWM is suitable for long time continuous work and output the specified range of voltage, current, resistive load, capacitive load, inductive load work. The signal source can repeatedly add 2 – 21 harmonics on first sine wave, or cause sub-harmonic wave and odd sub-harmonic wave. It can protect the equipment from over-load and short-circuit and to be indicated by an alarm signal.
  • Micro-Computer Control Unit: It’s easy to run in both automatic test program with computer and semi-automatic test program without computer
  • Three Phase Energy Reference Standard: Model HC 3100A, class accuracy 0.05
  • Suspension Rack: is made from stainless material, each meter’s position composed of:

– Quick connectors and Top fixing device

– Photoelectric Scanning Head for electromechanical and electronic meters.

  • Control Software
  • Computer and printer (optional)


1 Three Phase Digital Power Source

  • Output voltage:                                          3 x (57.7/120/220/380)V
  • Output voltage range  (Phase – Neutral):       3 x (0 ~ 400)V

(Phase – Phase):         3 x (0 ~ 600)V

  • Accuracy of output voltage:                 0.05%
  • Adjustable range:                               Continuous 3 x (0 ~ 600)V
  • Resolution:                                           0.00001V
  • Output power of voltage per phase :     (200 ~ 1200)VA  (according to number of positions)
  • Output current range:                                3 x (0.001A ~ 100)A – Max: 120A
  • Accuracy of output current:                       0.05%
  • Adjustable range:                                          Continuous 3 x (0.001 ~ 120)A
  • Resolution:                                                   0.0001A
  • Minimum output current per phase :     1 mA
  • Output power of current per phase :        (200 ~ 1800)VA  (according to number of positions)
  • Phase angle range (voltage/current):        0 ~ 360.0°
  • Phase angle resolution:                                 0.01°.
  • Symmetry phase angle :                                120o ± 0.2o
  • Frequency of the fundamental component:       (45 ~ 65) Hz
  • Frequency resolution:                                   0.0001Hz
  • Power factor range:                                       -1.00000 ~ 0  ~ +1.00000
  • PF resolution:                                                 0.00001
  • Power resolution :                                         0.00001VA
  • Stability of the output voltage, current, power:      ± 0.05%/180s – PF=1.0L
  • Waveform distortion coefficient:                       ± 0.5%
  • Harmony range: 2 to 21 on first sine wave with full 100% level.
  • Harmony step adjust: 0 ~ 40% of basic sine wave component.
  • Efficiency of the output power stages:             > 85%
  • Error Indicator by LED:   0 …. ± 99.999%

2    Micro-Computer Control Unit (MCU) :

  • Display: All parameters for setup and working such as Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Power factor, Frequency, etc… are always showing on display simultaneously.
  • The error processor system: The error processor system to directly see the error of each energy meter from the sub-error processor system for each meter. Every sub-error processor system can be connected by the internal RS 485, which together collects the data to the computer and accept the signal from photo-pickup and pulse output from energy meter.
  • Manual keyboard operation: The bench is also equipped with manual direct operation panel keyboard with all parameters for quick operation such as A, B, C and ABC phase selector, Imax / 0.5 Imax / 600%Ib / 400%Ib / 200%Ib / 100%Ib / 50%Ib / 20%Ib / 10%Ib / 5%Ib / 1.0L / 0.5L / 0.5C / 0.8L / 0.8C, etc.

3   Three Phase Digital Energy Reference Standard

  • The HC3100A class 0.05 is an energy standard meter based on digital signal processing (DSP) technology. The HC 3100A is a multi-function precision power meter for three phase systems of  3 or 4 wires and single phase measurements. The measurements are comprehensive & fully auto-ranging covering 3 voltage, 3 current, active power and energy (kW + kWh), reactive power and energy (kvar + kvarh), apparent power (kVA), frequency, phase angle and power factor.

All parameters are of high accuracy: better than  0.05% reading.

The main features are :

o  Reading / display of registered parameters

o   Measured system (phase and wires)

o   Energy / power calibration function

o   Energy / power reference output (pulse)

o  Reference Meter Constant(imp/KWh): up to 3.6×1010 imp/kWh

o   Communication interface (RS 232)

o  Input power: 220V ± 10% – 50Hz

o   Temperature Influence:

Voltage/Current/Frequency : Less than 15 ppm / °C

Power / Energy : Less than 30 ppm / °C

4 Suspension Rack

The frame of bench is made of stainless alloy.

4.1 Quick connectors and Top fixing device

  • The Quick Fixing Device is a mechanical device which allows for very easy, quick installing the meters for tests and enables easy reorganization of the current pins outlay for the requirements.
  • Together with the quick fixing device, a suitable adjustable top fixing device is provided. With its help, hanging the meter can be done very quickly and firmly

4.2 Photoelectric scanning head

  • The Photoelectric Scanning Heads HD 108 is a modern, multifunction device enabling readouts of both marks from electromechanical meters and impulses from electronic meters. The modern design allows for obtaining high operational efficiency and reliability under various ambient light conditions. The mechanical construction of the instrument allows for its individual, and very easy, positioning up/down, right/left, forward/backward.

5 Software:

  • Three languages Chinese, English and Vietnamese can be choose. With this auto-testing programmable software the test bench can operate automatically. The operation testing software can run under Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, which can test energy meters with different constant automatically.

Software functions:

o Error Test of meter under test.

Starting test and Creep test (Or No Load Test) by automatic/manual.

o Register, deviation and repeat test.

o Automatic Test the energy register and maximum demand of electronic meters Elster – A 1700,

Landis & Gyr., Genius EDMI, Actaris…

o Data are stored as user’s requirements

o Data are retrieved in Excel format (compatible with MS environment) and file structure meets the

Customer’s  management sub-system requirements

o Queried and printed test report.

Other technical specification

  • Accuracy class of three phase kwh meter test bench:   0.1
  • Time setting range : 0 ~ 9999s;
  • Time setting resolution : 1s
  • Error display: by LED
  • Auto mark search function of test bench uses for no load, starting and register test.
  • Diagnostic controlled of voltage and current output and with control protection and alarm.
  • In the case of emergency can stop working immediately by STOP button.
  • Comm. port: RS 232, RS 485 or USB (on requested)
  • Magnetic field generated :   ≤ 0.05mT

• Isolated resistance the voltage and circuit board :

• Isolated resistance the voltage and neutron :

  • Number of meters calibrated: As table in item 4 or upon user’s request
  • Input power:  Single phase 220V ± 10% – 50Hz±0.5Hz
  • Working Ambient:

–   Temperature:        (5 ~ 40)°C

–   Relative Humidity: ≤ 85%, non condensing

Dimensions and Order Information

Type of bench Order Code Meters Number of module Number of row Size (mm)
Integration TF 9306 6 1 Single 2000 x 750 x 1800
TF 9310 10 1 Double 2000 x 750 x 1800
TF 9320 20 1 Double 2800 x750 x 1800
Fission TF 9306 C 6 1 Single 2000 x 750 x 1800
TF 9310 C 10 1 Double 2000 x 750 x 1800
TF 9310 CS 10 1 Single 2800 x 750 x 1800
TF 9320 C 20 1 Double 2800 x 750 x 1800
TF 9320 CS 20 1 Single

(back to back)

2800 x 750 x 1800
TF 9340 C 40 2 Double 2800 x 750 x 1800
Console 600 x 800 x 1800