Partial Discharge Test System

Partial discharge test system is a complete set solution scheme of partial discharge test on site, which has an inhibiting effect towards interference in power source system. The whole system can directly show partial discharge value as well as the high voltage applied on test object.



Our partial discharge test system is mainly used to detect partial discharge of electrical equipment like transformer, CT and PT, cables, GIS, arrester etc.

Partial discharge test becomes more and more important as an insulation diagnosis media with development of power system and power transmission equipment manufacturing. After Interference Discriminated Partial Discharge Detector, we developed solution scheme for complete set of partial discharge test on site, which has an inhibiting effect towards interference in power source system. The interference of complete partial discharge test system is around 3PC in normal field. The system can directly show partial discharge value as well as the high voltage applied on the specimen. Specialized shielding room can be designed and manufactured according to your requirement.


Digital partial discharge detector DPD-2012

Function and Feature

  • Characteristics
  1. High-speed data acquisition card can fulfill continuous data acquisition. Higher precise and preservation.
  2. Multi-function analysis (multi-parameters analysis, 2-D spectrum, 3-D spectrum), data assessment and report.
  3. Multiple Display (ellipse, sinus, linear), PD-value and test voltage
  4. Auto-calibration of test and calibration
  5. operation of different frequencies, 50Hz, 150Hz to 400Hz, additionally auto-frequency-measurement
  6. Open window, Mini resolution is 1 degree.
  7. Multi-channel measurement
  8. Portable design, to be fit for applying in the electric power enterprise or science research
  9. Higher sensitive rate and comprehensive scope
  • Performances
  1. Range of capacitance: 6pF – 250 uF(It must install different resistance of different model number)
  2. Sensitive rate: < 0.02 pc at capacitance 50pF
  3. Amplifier: 3dB at low frequency range, 10, 20, 30, 50, 80kHz random selection, 3dB at high frequency rang, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500kHz random selection.
    Gain: >120 dB,
    Tolerance of shift gain: 20±1dB
    Respondence of positive or negative pulse, asymmetry: <1dB
  4. Window: 1° – 360°, random revaluation
  5. Test voltage: 0 – 200kV, tolerance of voltage display is <3%F.S.
  6. Input impedance: 1M ohm
  7. Sample frequency: 20MS/s
  8. A/D resolution: 12bit. DC precision: 0.2%
  9. Sample length: 8MS
  10. Trigger: manual, external, internal
  11. Band-frequency: 3MHz (-3dB)
  12. Weight: about 15kg (table model)

Electric voltage regulator

voltage regulatorModel: SBTY series;

Phase: single phase;

The rated working frequency: 50 Hz or 60Hz;

The rated capacity: 30 kVA(upon request);

Rated input voltage: 0.38 kV(upon request);

Rated input current: 78.9 A;

Rated output voltage: 0 ~ 0.4 kV;

Waveform distortion rate: < 3%;

Pressure regulating methods: electric voltage regulation;

Structure: dry;

Electric Voltage Control Panel

electric control panelModel: SBKZ  series;

Power supply voltage: 0.22 kV;

Power frequency: 50 Hz or 60Hz;

The sample (s) with the flashover protection function;

Display LV side current, HV side voltage, HV side current of the system;

With setting of voltage withstand time, when time up to setting value, test voltage return to zero automatically.

Display section: using digital meter display, clear and intuitive, high accuracy (class 1.0)

Intelligent voltage control panel is also available for easy operation

Double Shielded Isolation Transformer

isolation transformerTransformer isolation filter in this system is used to suppress interference from the power supply and signal transmission to the power supply and power energy with electrical isolation system, improve the sensitivity of partial discharge test, reduce the background acoustic noise, and so on.

Power supply: 380V + 10% for 50 Hz or 60Hz

Output voltage: 220 V and 380V

Equipment capacity: 35 kVA (upon request)

Rated input current: 92.1 A

PD Free Test Transformer

PD free test transformer is main equipment in PD test. Due to the usage of high quality imported Silicon sheet and new type insulation material, it is small in size and light in weight, while high in voltage grade and large in output capacity.

Features and specifications

  • Input voltage: AC220V or AC380V
  • Rated capacity: 1KVA-500KVA
  • Output voltage: 1KV-500KV
  • Partial discharge: ≤3PC under nominal voltage

PD Free Coupling Capacitor

Features and specifications

  • Coupling capacitor can continuously operate for 8 hours under rated voltage U
  • Capacitance deviation range: ±5~10%Cn
  • Dielectric loss tgδof capacitor (20℃, 0.9~1.1Un) ≤002
  • Short-time power frequency voltage withstanding 1.2Un
  • Partial discharge under Un: ≤2PC

HV Current Limiting Resistor

When test object breakdown under high voltage, current will suddenly increases, which will destroy the equipment, therefore it is necessary to install current limiting resistor in high voltage loop.

  • Rated resistance: 10k-10M (0.1Ωx V)
  • Rated current: max. current allowed by the system

Isolation Filter

isolation filterIsolation filter can greatly abate the harmonic wave and burr interference coming from power source, thus greatly reduce the interference of the whole system.

Features and specifications

  • Rated capacity: 1KVA-30KVA
  • Rated input voltage: 220V
  • Rated output voltage: 0~250V
  • Filter wave coefficient: 10KHz ~10MHz attenuate 60dB