LSQ Portable Water Meter Tester

Portable water meter tester is used for the field test of water meter under DN15 to DN25, which can determine the accuracy fast and accurately. 



LSQ water meter tester is mainly used for the field test of water meter under DN15 to DN25, it can determine the accuracy of water meter under test fast and accurately, therefore becomes an ideal device for periodic test for metrology department. The tester can directly connect to the water-consuming device behind the water meter, while the water runs through, it will compare the preset accumulation reading with readings on the tester, accuracy can then be easily determined.


The water meter tester adopts imported LSI (large scale IC), featured with advanced design, reasonable structure, clear reading, energy saving. It adopts decimal system counting circuit, 4½ LCD display, which can display instantaneous flow and accumulate flow rate. Coefficient or unit conversion is unnecessary. Meanwhile it has the function of auto zero reset after power on, manual zero reset, accumulative flow rating counting and pause.

The tester is provided with external controlling wire which makes convenient operation and accurate display. It can also use counting and pause function under water through status, to carry on continuous test towards tested meter, no need make any adjustment on flow rate. It featured with high accuracy, good stability, strong anti-interference, complete function, long life, convenient operation and easy maintenance as well.


1. Permissible accumulative flow rate error: ±0.5%

2. Permissible instantaneous flow rate error: ±2.5%

3. Accumulative flow rate range: 0~199.99L

4. Instantaneous flow rate range: 0~1.5m3/h

5. Flow rate test point

DN15 water meter 0.15m3/h

DN20 water meter 0.25m3/h

DN25 water meter 0.35m3/h

6. Power supply: DC6±1V

7. Pressure of water source: 0.1~1.0MP2

8. Water temperature: 0~+30

9. Relative humidity: 85% RH

10. Dimension: 160x140x230mm

11. Net weight: 3kg (approx.)