ABS Inclinometer Casing

Inclinometer casing is a grooved pipe used in inclinometer installations made of ABS. We have more than 20 years export experience for high quality and good reputation.



coupling and coverABS Inclinometer casing is a grooved pipe used in inclinometer installations.

Inclinometer casing provides access for the inclinometer probe, allowing it to obtain subsurface measurements of tilt. Grooves inside the casing control the orientation of the probe and provide a surface from which repeatable measurements can be obtained.

Obviously, the reliability of test accuracy and test result not only depends on the inclinometer, but also in relation to casing quality. The ABS formulation is suitable for long term contact with all types of soils, grouts, and ground water. ABS plastic retains its shape and flexibility over a wider range of temperatures than PVC plastic, and its shock strength is also much better. Therefore ABS Inclinometer casing is now widely used in the important engineering project such as high building construction, water dam, and expressway.

Our inclinometer casing is easy to assemble, even with an untrained crew.

With more than 20 years experience in export, our inclinometer casing enjoys a high reputation.


Cross section drawing shows in the following figure.

Length of casing: 3.0m±0.5mm (can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement)

Outer Diameter: 70.0mm±0.5mm

Inner Diameter: 57.5mm±0.5mm

Width of bottom: 4.0mm±0.2mm

Depth of slot: 1.8mm+0.1mm

Ladder angel: 20°

Spiral: <0.5º per 3m