HJZ-110 Standard PT

HJZ-110 standard PT is used together with transformer tester and other test device to calibrate voltage transformer.


I.       Application

HJZ-110 standard PT, together with transformer tester and other test device, is used to calibrate the voltage transformer. It is also an instrument, which is used to expand ranges, to measure voltage, power as well as energy in the laboratory.

II.      Structure and Characteristic

  1. HJZ-110 Standard PT is mainly used to calibrate voltage transformer of 110KV. This type standard transformer is composed of primary winding, secondary winding as well as iron core. High-quality silicon-steel plate iron core, after heat treatment, eliminate its innerstress, while enhance its magnetic conductivity.

 Each voltage ratio use tapped structure, and all fixed on the panel clearly marked with its range.

  1. Standard voltage transformer has two types: semi-insulated, all insulated. Their main differences are: (1) Terminal N must be connected to the earth while using semi-insulated type. (2) For all insulated type, it is not a must.
  2. Casting with epoxy resin, makes excellent insulation property, multi-step transformation ratio, simple wire connection and light weight. Thus it is more suitable for field test.

III.    Operation Condition

  1. Ambient temperature: -20℃~+50℃
  2. Relative humidity: not more than 80%
  3. Free from interference by any strong magnetic field
  4. Check whether ratio of standard transformer and transformer to be tested is in compliance.

IV. Main Technical Specification

  1. Model: HJZ-110
  2. Accuracy class: 0.05, 0.02, 0.01
  3. Power factor: 1.0
  4. Capacity: 0~0.2VA
  5. Transformation ratio: 110000/√3/100/√3, 110000/√3/110/√3