QJ84 Digital DC Electric Bridge

QJ84 DC electric bridge is the best product to measure resistance of core wire in wire and cable industry. Wide range measuring  from 0~20kΩ, 7 spans. QJ84A is AC/DC power supply. Featured with accurate, rapid, convenient, stable, reliable.



QJ84 and QJ84A digital DC electric bridge is our unique upgraded product for Kelvin bridge, which is based on circuit of electric bridge, and use precision alloy winding resistance as a benchmark. It is not only characterized by wide range, convenient, fast and arresting like digital multi-meter, but also inherited advantage of accuracy, stability and reliability of Kelvin bridge. The DC electric bridge is an ideal product for the measurement of low DC resistance in enterprises, laboratories, measuring department as well as research institutes.


  • Accurate: accuracy better than same type DC resistance bridge with external galvanometer.
  • Convenient: only need to connect resistors under test, select correct range, whole test procedure without any manual operation.
  • Rapid: sampling time takes only 0.4S, normally stable data can be displayed within several seconds.
  • Arresting: adopt 200mm large digit display, clear and legible.
  • Stable: main standard resistor is winded by precision manganin wire, which ensures stability better than 0.02%.
  • Reliable: main components are imported and via special selection and aging treatment.

Main Technical Specification

  1. Measuring range: 0~20KΩ 7 ranges
  2. Minimum resolution: 1μΩ
  3. Main parameter under each range
    Accuracy class0.
    Test current1A1A100mA100mA10mA1mA100μA
    Display41/2 digit LED display41/2 digit LCD display
    Power supplyAC 220V 50HzDC 9V (5pcs NiMH rechargeable battery pack)
  • It is able to substitute QJ42, QJ44, QJ57 DC double bridge, which is the best product to measure resistance of core wire in wire and cable industry.
  • Basic parameter of QJ84A is same as QJ84, while supplied by specialized battery pack and charger, which is suitable for field test without AC power supply.