Automatic Water Meter Test Bench

A full automatic test bench system for verification of water meter DN15-DN25 by using  mass method


Basic function

  1. This full automatic water meter test bench is with mass verification function which can carry out verification or calibration towards water meter from DN15 to DN25.
  2. The test method is a combination of start-stop method and dynamic automatic control. Water meter will be clamped manually while other operation is fulfilled by operator via computer. After test, verification certificate, data report can be printed out and saved for future query.
  3. The system is with remote control data management function, can form more than one device network management.
  4. Can check air tightness and pressure-resistant properties of system and water meter.

Technical specification

  1. Media: water
  2. Flow range: (0.002-8) m3/h
  3. System expand uncertainty: mass method: ±0. 2% (k=2)
  4. Test method: mass method
  5. Meter under test: household water meter (cold water meter)
  6. Working pressure: 0.2Mpa-0.5Mpa water pressure (It adopts multi-level pressure stabilizing mode, water pump imported from Swiss. Inverter automatically controls frequency to stabilize pressure, then after stabilizing pressure and flow through the tank, water from double pipe reaches diaphragm pressure tank, after re-stabilizing, enter into water meter to test. The advantage of it is to reduce the water pressure fluctuation of two lines to the maximum, thus to improve test accuracy.)
  7. Electronic scale: adopt digital platform scale from Mettler Toledo accuracy 3000e.
  8. Meter clamp method: adopt pneumatic clamp to ensure concentricity of meter clamping. The connector is a core connector, pipe between two water meter is a straight pipe, without any steps to influence flow of water so as to ensure test accuracy. Length of connecting pipe>10D.
  9. Pipeline: SS304, thickness≥2.5mm
  10. Filter device: PP membrane water quality filter device (ensure cleanliness of water).
  11. Test quantity: DN15 10pcs, DN20 8pcs, DN25 5pcs per row.
  12. Test time: under fast verification mode 3~6 min., under full scale verification mode: 30~40min.