LS-3B Water Meter Test Bench

LS-3B water meter test bench is an ideal test bench used in water meter factories, water companies as well as measuring dept. for testing accuracy of water meter from DN15-DN25. It is in compliance with standard ISO4064-3.



LS-3B series water meter test bench is a traditional test bench for over twenty years to test water meter DN15-25. It is in compliance with standard ISO4064-3. Now adopt advanced technology in welding and polish treatment, 304 stainless steel and controlled by two-position four-way valve, flow rate adjusted by ball valve with stainless steel core and copper cover, it can ensure the high accuracy, durability and nice appearance. With new function to take out and install the water meter, it is convenient in operation and easy for maintenance. It is an ideal test bench used in water meter factories, water companies as well as measuring dept. Quantity of meter to be tested: from one position to twenty positions upon request.


The basic water meter test bench is composed of the platform, clamp fixture, back and front straight pipe, flow meter group, standard measuring vessel, water source stabilizer, water tank and the outlet valve.

When the inlet is connected with the stable water source, the water will enter into the standard measuring vessel through the straight pipe. Compare the value of the checked water meter with that of the standard measuring instrument, the valve error that the water meter reads will be acquired.


  1.  Accuracy of test bench: ±0.2%;
  2. Diameter of water meter to be tested : φ15,φ20,φ25;
  3.  Can do overall performance test (for the production)
  4.  Instantaneous flow indicator uses group of glass rotor flow meter group, actual test accuracy not less than 2.5%.

Detail specification as follows:

LZB-15 4-90L/h, LZB-25 70-800L/h, LZB-50 450-8000L/h

  1.  Measuring chamber volume:

15-25mm, (10L+10L)20L, (50L+50L)100L;

  1. Working Pressure: 0.25-0.4MPa;
  2. Clamp fixture adjust distance: 50mm
  3. With pressure test function (option), pressure of natural gas should keep between 0.25MP~0.6MP.
  4. With liquid level control function (option): this device is composed of opto-electronic sensor and controller. When liquid rises to the set point, opto-electronic sensor will send a signal to shut off the electro-magnetic valve. It is unnecessary for the operator to care about the water level during test.